Our Exclusive Birthday Vault


Birthday Vault

Let Go Bananas help make your child's birthday wishes come true!


Our Exclusive In-Store Birthday Vault was designed just for kids. It is a hands-on gift registry where we "put on hold" those special toys your child dreams of. But you will love it because it will eliminate duplicate gifts and the items are those you have already given your approval. 


Come to Go Bananas two weeks before your child's birthday party and help your child fill up a Birthday Basket with all of their wishes. When the Birthday Basket is full, our staff will write your child's name on it and secure it in our Birthday Vault. The wishes will be held on reserve for your child up until a day after the birthday party or birthday.

Birthday Basket


Your party guests will love our Birthday Vault, too. Let your friends and family know about your child's Birthday Basket and they can visit us or call us to make a purchase of something wonderful that your child wished for. And of course, we will also gift wrap it for them and it will be "Wrapped and Ready" for pick up. 




Do you have relatives or friends that would like to buy a gift for the birthday child, but they live out of town? Just tell them to call the store where your child filled out a Birthday Basket. We will be happy to help them choose something special from the basket and take care of their purchase right over the phone! Then, you can pick it up for them. 


If you would like to create an Online Wishlist instead you can do that, too!


Online Wish List