The "Top Banana"

mary_and_tim.jpgI am a mother, an early child educator and the creator of Go Bananas. I am also known as the "Top Banana".


Several years ago, my husband and I launched an entrepreneurial dream: To create a special place where local families, teachers and therapists could purchase quality, safe, and purposeful toys and games. Today, we are pleased to share an extension of our local stores to those outside of our local community through our online shop.


Play is the work of children. It is upon that foundation that I hand select every product in our store. You have my commitment that I choose products using the same scrutiny for play value, fun and safety for your child as I have always done for my own son.


Go Bananas earned top recognition from fellow small business owners being named: Small Business of the Year and Retailer of the Year in our community from the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce. But what means the most to us is when new customers walk through our door and announce, "I love this store!" Or when our loyal customers thank us for giving them a pleasant alternative to shopping at "big box" stores.


As the "Top Banana", I thank you for continuing to support not only my entrepreneurial dream, but also my passion for children, education and toys. Your commitment to Go Bananas and other independent businesses like ours truly does make a difference.


Mary Holmes

Top Banana